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Behind the Lens

 Wouldn’t it be nice if everyday was actually this picture perfect? The warm sun on our backs, the sweet sound of toddler giggles. Well it’s not.
Motherhood is exhausting, gross (at times) stressful, it's being in the trenches. Parenting, Marriage; LIFE, its messy. We get into stupid fights, we put too much on our plates, some mornings before I pull out of the driveway I'm wearing something sticky. Sometimes I drink too much tequila
when my friends come for a weekend. All of that is ok. Cause that's real life, it’s suppose to all of those things. What we put on social media is our own version of a perfect motherhood, a perfect life. And that's ok too. It's a place where I document my babes' milestones, a place where I can be inspired and hopefully be inspiring. It's my happy place.

When the babes' are having a bad day, feeling under the weather or I'm sleep deprived. I do not feel like pulling out my phone to capture a moment. No, hell no, not today. This job as “mother” is hard, no doubt and none of us have our shit together 100% of the time. 
A little reminder: things don’t always seem what they appear. Yes this day did happen. All of us had a great afternoon, running through our front lawn laughing, spinning around until we were in a dizzy pile up. 
Thanks to my sister in law for capturing some of these amazing memories. 
Bottom line, we all have our “stuff". 
Don't let social media fool you, behind the lens everyone is going through something.

Change your perception of things 
and you will change your reality.

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