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Ikea Trip Tips

This is an end to our day at Ikea in Atlantic Station. Ice cream makes all babes happy! It didn't look like this as I was gathering my husbands Fathers Day gift 20 minutes prior. 
Let me take you back inside the warehouse Aisle 27 Bin 00. If you have shopped at Ikea you know the drill, find out where your goods are located, grab a flat bed cart and pray you'll be able to lift it on, while wrangling 2 tiny humans. So yes this post was all about tips....and what not to do...

Tip # 1: Plan Ahead
Seriously this is for the Mama's who don't live within a 10 minute ride. 
Figure out what you're going in for and where these items are located. Hit up the Ikea app or to make sure its in stock and where to pick it up. Also make sure it will fit in. your vehicle. I definitely had rearrange car seats and ditch the stroller that day but hey its a fathers day gift we'll make it work. Pick a day during off peak times...
Tuesday-Thursday mid morning always seems like a good idea, figuring he'll sleep in the car on the way back and we won't hit too much traffic. 👆👆 Plan Ahead

Tip # 2: Snacks & Lollypops 
Pack plenty of snacks & lolly pops. If you have kids under age 5 you and I both know 
that keeping some bribery tools in the handbag pays off. Or if you have a tiny human who expects a 24 hour buffet no matter what the circumstances are, pack extra for them. No one wants to hear whiney hungry kids when shopping for home furnishings. Grocery store; different story, the food looks so good and my babes think we can just get something on every aisle and have a little before we even get to the check out. I'm sorry Publix shoppers, I know you've heard us.
Tip # 3: Stick to the plan
As tempting as it may be to peruise the staged rooms on the second floor; 
SAVE yourself. Get what you came for and be out. You'll thank me
once you hit the check out. I should take my own advice... but how could we skip that part. Thats where all the cool stuff is, the inspiration, the kids area, and thats where I can actually see this thing up close and personal. So of course we hopped on the escalator to land of "WTF was I thinking." Promising ice cream for the way out to of the kids display area without causing a scene. While he is screaming for more lollipops, I am literally wondering why did this to myself. Yes...
the inspiration, the cool stuff. 

Our flatbed cart doubles as a babe transport

Tip # 4: Ask for help
If you're like me thats not an easy thing to do. In my head 
"I've got this" even though my babes are 
in the center of the pickup area jumping; actually stomping on a 
display for outdoor tiles. 
As I try to heave the 3 piece wardrobe off a giant 
display onto my flatbed cart. Yes people walked by, 
as I'd hope they would, keep focused and keep heaving 
I thought, when a really sweet lady gave her husband this look of 
"She needs help". Glad it was the last box but I
 accepted the help of heaving it onto the cart. 
WOHOOO onto the checkout. 
As I plopped both of them on the 
boxed wardrobe, we frantically 
pick a line,  
(why my line always seems to be the one that doesn't move) 
I'll never get it. 
We're out! We made it! 
Worth every last sticky wipe
 I had to clean 
these 2 up before the 
hike back home.

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