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DIY Chalkboard Monthly Calendar

If you know me you know that I can’t sit still! Home decor DIY projects are my passion! If I can dream it up & Pinterest it until my thumbs hurt, I’m going to do it. 

{Disclaimer: I try and give y’all some step by step instructions when doing DIY projects. Again, I only share what worked for me. You assume any risk when choosing to try out these projects for yourself. Honestly not all my diy projects actually come out as planned. Insert my husband, “can’t we just order it on amazon”?
“Ugh Nooooo, like it won’t even come close to what I have in mind.”}
As of lately I am redoing our sons room decor (still debating on putting his big boy bed together), an ikea baby gym hack for my goddaughter, refer to disclaimer. But the main one, the big guy, the one where I had to get a sitter, rent a truck and drive out to “ebf” to get this free, (yes FREE) 6 x 6 foot window sash I spotted on Craigslist free section. I’ll just say Craigslist is a sketchy place. But FREE and I’ve been wanting one these for years. I know exactly what its going to be; our Chalkboard Monthly 
. It’s not only a great diy project it will be super functional for us. 

                  From the ad to my driveway:

The original post. (Left window sash) So when I showed up, with my Pathfinder yaaaaa not happening. Right then. I told the guy I’d be back to please pull it off the curb. 
Thankfully he did. 

Home Depot truck rentals are a savior for a quick pickup across town! Lets not leave out 
my amazing sitter who came to the rescue last minute. I wouldn't have been able to get this without her.

Home and ready. The problem with painting this...
Should I spray paint or hand paint? The glass or wood first?  What would be the most efficient way? I chose to use  Rust-Oleum chalkboard flat black spray paint first. I started to paint it by hand with some left over Martha Stewart craft chalkboard paint. Steaks and clumps! Yuck! Also barely covering the glass so to do 
multiple coats was not in my time frame.

Even though I was going to paint the wood anyway. I didn’t want to get tons of black paint on it. Taping each piece of window pane molding would have taken an entire afternoon. I decided to make a cut out with some left over poster board. Covering each piece of glass while I was spraying. It actually really helped keep the natural wood showing.

This is only one coat. Look how smooth it is. Obviously a few more coats to go....Can I tell ya how hot it was this day? 95. Yes 95, but when my husband says “I’ll watch the kids” I don’t even think I put on a bra I was out the door so fast! I Time is of the essence as all Mamas know. I did inevitability have to go in, shower & put on a bra. 
I ran out of spray paint. 
Off to Home Depot and lets be real, it doesn’t even feel normal to get in the car without a bra let alone shop at the Home D!

I finished by dinner, definitely a win.
I’ll update as I make more progress.

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