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Andersons 1st Birthday: Where the WILD THINGS are

First of all, I can't believe my baby is ONE!!! A WILD ONE to be exact. He is so different from his sister. Always on the go, already about to walk and talk! I heard the second one experiences milestones a bit faster to keep up with his/her siblings but jeez....this guy is quick. Knowing that he a bit "wild" & since he only sits when we are reading together I figured that Where the wild things are by Maurice Sendeck would be a perfect fit for his theme.

I plan it out in 2 events: Photoshoot & Party, this actually turned into 3 events. He wasn't feeling great at his party and it was really chilly out so having set up his smash cake session on our back porch we postponed until the following day. Hoping he would feel a bit better and this cold front would pass!

Here are some the photos from the photoshoot we did I have added links to things that I could. Thus definitely took a few weeks to plan out considering I ordered most of his things from Etsy & Amazon. Enjoy!!!

                                                            Shoes: Starry Knight Design

                                                              Outfit:  Amazon

I was really working on getting some great shots with him, luckily he's super photogenic. Those BLUES! Thankfully my sitter/part time nanny/my assistant/my right hand was here to help me. I couldn't have done it without her!

I made this tent a few years ago with some drop cloths I got at Harbor Freight. We had the bamboo looking sticks as decor from our first apartment back in the day. But really and sticks would work.
 The wood rounds I found at Michaels and then painted a circle with chalk paint so we could write different sayings. Totally reusable! 

 The buttons on his outfit are literally from a pillow we had on our couch. Yes you guessed it, I cut them off and sewed them on! I didn't like the pillow anymore so hey...

WALKING!!! He took some steps toward the end!

                                            My Mama & photographer cue: thats a wrap!

       We had a great time with him, and I always have fun creating the theme. Thats why I do it. A big thanks to Erin for helping me in this process. Thank you to my parents for flying all the way to celebrate Anderson turning 1. Always a thank you to my husband for making this life possible for us!

Stay tuned more to come!

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