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Westside ATL

Even though summer is over and fall is here (not this day as you can see it was hot enough for a leotard and tutu) we decided it was time! Time to get out and explore the beautiful street art the Westside of Atlanta has to offer. Miss Amelia was thrilled to wear her pineapple shades and be silly in front of this mural outside of the Westside Cultural Art Center. Another one of our “stumbled upon” adventures. 

These days are the best days! These days make the not so good, wanna pull my hair out days worth it!! 

She is and has always been my amazing model/subject. 
Now insert our other half, Didi bud. Things get a bit tricker when it’s his turn...and since having him this was the first time I ventured out, alone; to photograph these two babes...
Not too bad....he was into it for a little bit. Glad I grabbed this last minute prop from their play area to keep him busy. It just so happens to match our background. 
Cut off vintage denim overalls, and the thickest locks in all the land. 

I can’t believe he’ll be ONE in less than a few weeks. 

Hape 'playful' toy piano was a MUST have the minute I laid eyes on it. 

Even though we started our day here 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 I couldn’t resist posting the Westside Cultural Center photos first!! 

This couldn’t be any more true. She was made in the A. Way back in May 2013 after sipping the best Margs in town....

Baby A’s 

And here he is little big red...clearly the darker gene theory doesn’t hold true. He’s all Alex. 

Can’t wait to venture back out to capture more of these little babes enjoying the city. We couldn’t be happier to be back in the A.

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