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Welcome to the heart of our home.

Welcome to our new home! I have been dying to share these but literally 1000 other things going on around me. So finally I have had a bit (a bit meaning the sliver of time when they are napping) of time to get some good shots. When we were frantically searching for a house here in Georgia we had a few expectations. A must have list so to speak. Which crazy enough I’m using as a place holder in
my idea book! See photo 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻
Needless to say we’ve accomplished 4 of the 5 ‘must haves’ and 1 of the 3 ‘would likes’. I would say that’s pretty sweet. Considering we were down to the wire on our weekend house hunting visit. Technically we were homeless since we had already received a handful of great offers on our florida home and within 24 hours we had a contract on it. So for 2 ish days we were beyond stressing out! What if we can’t find a place? When could we make the trip back here? It was a lot for the babes so we thought about maybe just Al coming back and then we would switch. Yes it sounds crazy but we were so nervous we wouldn’t find something to meet our expectations. As we had already spent 2 days with our amazing realtor. I’m sure she was sick of us by then (in and out of the car with a 3 year old and a baby. Sometimes crying, whining, a few chick fil a drive trips, stickers and playing on one of iPhones to keep the crowd happy) What if we just rented for a year? Well that was not an option for 2 reasons. 1.We have 4 fur babes. Who would take us? 2. We would be losing out on a relocation package that included ALL closing costs covered! 

Again we HAD to find something! Day 3: we decided I would head out with Robin and he would stay back at the hotel with babes. If I saw something I liked he would go back later. All jokes aside, it was the second to last house on our list for the day. As we pulled up or down I should say (the driveways here are super steep) I was like ok it’s cute, great size porch, the yard looked huge. She said it was a half acre naturally I knew it was a good fit for the Bubs. As the door got jammed upon opening it I was in immediate shock. This place was ridiculously beautiful on the inside! Don’t judge a book by its cover was 100% in this situation. Not that the exterior was in any way bad but it doesn’t match the amount of work put into the inside. Large main room with  built in speakers, and an updated custom fireplace. As she lead me through the house I started noticing the state of the art updated everything! From the bamboo flooring throughout (even down into the wall out basement) the extremely updated kitchen with speakers throughout the ceiling, master bath, kids bath, and half bath. The owners of this house took such great care that it was almost like a museum. Something that I couldn’t wait to tell Al. I barely finished the walk though before calling him. He needed to get here; and quick! I was ready to put an offer in. Let’s not even talk about the view, how amazingly private it is!! 

Needless to say it was go! We put an offer in that night as we were going to be heading back to Oviedo in a day or so. Before we knew it they accepted and we were meeting the inspector the very next morning! It was such an awesome feeling. Finally getting back to the place we want to raise our kids and lay down some roots! 

Now the best thing about this whole house is this; we are both extremely happy here! I am in love with my kitchen. He is in whole electronic heaven, with the speaker system throughout and the bonus theatre room. Ready to hang his projector and plug in the sound system. It kinda feels like this house was made for us. 

For me as I’m sure with all women of the house, this is our Mecca! The heart of the home.

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