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Let’s Juice

After a long summer I'm back at it...Juicing!
I am no means a juice guru, but I do like to try and get healthy when I can. So heres to one of those times. The other important time I strive to juice is when I'm coming down with a cold. The extra nutrients can fight it off faster. I'll share those recipes later in the season. For now I've got a great one that everyone will like!

The "Beet Treat"
+ 1 Beet                                                                         
+ 2 leaves of cabbage (red)
+ 3 Medium Carrots
+ 1/2 Lemon
+ 1 whole orange
+ 1/4 Pinapple
+ Handful Spinach

1. Clean beet and carrots with veggie brush
(I cut the beet in half so it won't kill my Breville)
2. Peel lemon and orange
3. Cut up pineapple
4. Fire up your juicer
5. Combine all ingredients 
6. Stir and serve.

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