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HOW TO: Antiqued mercury mirror glass windows

Finally I have some to catch up on the past month! October is and will always be one of the busiest months for us. Halloween costumes go without saying. Now that Anderson is an October babe that means birthday party planning! Then the photoshoot, because birthdays come with a photoshoot day, then the actual party. Honestly though as my husband says I live for this stuff. I can't deny that. I love planning & hosting. More importantly I LOVE seeing my vision come to life. 

Here is a vision that took a ride in my backseat of "what am I going to do with these". I have always loved the idea of having old windows and doors and making them useful. I have a post about an old sash window I turned into our weekly chalkboard calander. I'll have to add it later. Anyway I needed new ones. So onto Craigslist I went. I picked these up for a deal $40 for both!!!! I mean Pottery Barn and World Market sell these for $250 each! I loved these, and originally thought about hanging them over our bed, now insert what if...what if they fell off while we were sleeping...with our 3 year old in bed...yaaaaa, so stored next to my dresser for a few months. Until....
Holiday decor is coming! Lets update the mantle.
Here they are before. Note the plain one does have the window pane that 
I removed for easier access.
I decided to go with Krylon looking glass spray paint because its rustic and chic.
Now I know it's a bit more than regular spray paint but it really is worth it especially if youre planning on keeping the piece for awhile.
First I cleaned the windows, hard core. I washed the glass and took a razor blade to get rid of all the old paint on and around the glass. I also sanded down some of the wood to make a smooth surface in case I decided to re paint them. Of course I did that too.
Once cleaned up they are ready. The glass spray bottle: Vinegar & water. This is how you get that mercury glass effect. I watched a few tutorials on this, they all varied on when to spray a fine mist. Some said before you did the paint, some said after the first coat of spray paint. I decided to do with the after I did one coat. And use a paper towel to blot the ares I wanted to be more distressed.
This is after one coat and few sprits of my vinegar water mixture. It looked a bit blotchy, I needed more spray paint. I ended up working after the sun went down of course now that its getting darker earlier this kind of cramps my style. But whatever, I made it work. After a few more coats of paint I got to looking at the window thinking it did need a fresh coat of paint on the wood and the hardware could use a fresh look too.

                                                          Little legs checking it out too! 

I took all the hardware off, and let me tell you that was not easy. At least I know these windows are super antique some of the screws were tiny bronze slotted screws. I hard to really work at getting these off. Once I did I sprayed these with some of the paint I had left over from our pumpkin project. It was Design Master 24K pure gold which was more bronze then gold, even better!
During this time I was able to tweak the glass on both windows to get it how I wanted. A little more vinegar water and paper toweling blotting, a little more spray. 
I let that dry over night and continued the next night with painting the wood an exterior white. We had extra from just getting finished painting our porch I thought it would be a good color for an update. Since they would be on my mantle white be best. After that dried overnight in the garage I was able to re attach the new improved color of the hardware and the window pane. I was actually in awe of they turned out. Side note: some things 'I have done in the past have not turned out how 
I planned so its always a good feeling to get your final vision on point! 

So happy that our Fall/Holiday mantle is finally up! For now they will stay here, but they are super versatile and can be used in many different ways! Thanks for checking out my HOW TO! 

Next up, HOW TO: paint pumpkins that fit your style...

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