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HOW TO: Antiqued mercury mirror glass windows

Finally I have some to catch up on the past month! October is and will always be one of the busiest months for us. Halloween costumes go without saying. Now that Anderson is an October babe that means birthday party planning! Then the photoshoot, because birthdays come with a photoshoot day, then the actual party. Honestly though as my husband says I live for this stuff. I can't deny that. I love planning & hosting. More importantly I LOVE seeing my vision come to life. 


Welcome to the heart of our home.

Welcome to our new home! I have been dying to share these but literally 1000 other things going on around me. So finally I have had a bit (a bit meaning the sliver of time when they are napping) of time to get some good shots. When we were frantically searching for a house here in Georgia we had a few expectations. A must have list so to speak. Which crazy enough I’m using as a place holder in


Westside ATL

Even though summer is over and fall is here (not this day as you can see it was hot enough for a leotard and tutu) we decided it was time! Time to get out and explore the beautiful street art the Westside of Atlanta has to offer. Miss Amelia was thrilled to wear her pineapple shades and be silly in front of this mural outside of the Westside Cultural Art Center. Another one of our “stumbled upon” adventures. 


Let’s Juice

After a long summer I'm back at it...Juicing!
I am no means a juice guru, but I do like to try and get healthy when I can. So heres to one of those times. The other important time I strive to juice is when I'm coming down with a cold. The extra nutrients can fight it off faster. I'll share those recipes later in the season. For now I've got a great one that everyone will like!