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Porch style

Since we have moved into our new house (2ish months ago) we have been playing around with different ideas for the babes to have their own space, without making it look like a "kid zone". Incorporating all the toys and gear that come along with babies, toddlers and preschoolers can become overwhelming! I think it helps to have an overall theme to your home and then go off of that. Currently our theme is Modern Farmhouse with a rustic twist.
We have very modern built in cabinets throughout the house which we just love! (Kitchen post coming soon) Our furniture goes perfectly with the overall feel of the house (making it so much easier to just move in). We often wonder if this house was built for us. From the bamboo flooring to the high tech speaker system that runs throughout. Not to mention the theatre room with custom builds for our projector and screen. 
Those are just a few of our favorite things! More home style posts coming soon!

Anyway the babes space. So incorporating toys and and learning tools. We tried to have the "adult" patio furniture set up but thats a few years from now. I mean how much time do we really  have to just sit outdoors sipping cocktails taking in the sites and sounds of our nature filled yard?
 ZERO! Now insert babes play space....we can all be outside while building lego houses, drawing arrows on the white board, making ice cream cones with play dough, dancing, singing & taking the sites from a different view. Btw its the best view, through their eyes.  
Since the weather has started to change we have been out here everyday. 
Babe play space = success! 
Check out my pics for some links on where you can find these decor pieces! 

These floor cushions are super convenient to move where needed
I found these at World Market and couldn't pass them up!

Blue eyed Didi is always on the move, picked up this outdoor rug
at Target to protect his soft (fair) skin from the wood deck. 

Amelia loves sitting on this knotted pouf from our favorite 
place Target

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