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One short year

I can't believe that a year ago I was sitting in bed, larger than I have ever been (thank you chik-fil-a & dunkin donuts to name a few) I could barely get around, I could barely breath, and the sleep...
Coming into the last few weeks of pregnancy I didn't really know what a family of 4 would feel like. My family of 4, obviously I come from a family of 4 but you know the uncertainty of bringing another baby home. Would he be just like she was? How am going to juggle her everyday needs and take care of a newborn? Is this going to effect our marriage? Will I ever lose the baby weight? Will she like her new baby brother? And many more questions and fears. Was I getting cold feet like some people get before getting married. Clearly it was far to late to turn back now, the deed had been done. He was coming. In less than 4 weeks. I was totally happy, excited and definitely prepared with all the things it takes to care for a newborn and all those warm fuzzies most of the time. I will admit, a little bit of doubt did sneak up on me toward the end. I'm going with the fact my hormones were soaring high and I looked like a house. 
We still had 4 weeks to go....he was already 7 pounds by this point!

Now, I mean now an almost year later that he's completed our family of 4, the doubt and fear has disappeared. Back then I mentally wasn't prepared but It's like you just know what to do. Pretty much the same as the first baby. You don't really know until it happens, but when it does you just know how everything fits and it all works out.
When your PJ's match your bedding...
Good morning/Good night blanket
Scallop and Plus side blanket
Fitted Crib Sheet
Plush Zebra

I won't by any means say it was easy. That would be sugar coating it and I would be lying to myself. This has been the hardest year of our lives thus far. With the hard work of course comes the reward of watching a love like no other form between your 2 babes. That is the reason we decided on having a second, so that she will always have someone. They have each other.  Growing up, hopefully into adulthood and beyond. Ok back to the year add to our "hardest year yet".... I definitely didn't think we would be back in Georgia. (moving to a new state and all that comes with buying & selling houses, death, not only my grandmother who passed on Amelia's 3rd birthday, who she is actually named after (Amelia Frances) but also my Uncle Steve who passed away during the peak of our move. Both whom we were super close to) Hardest year would be understatement. 
We made it, we always do. In just one short year we have felt so many emotions joy, hurt, excitement, happiness, sadness, laughter, fear, nervousness and many more. 
So when you think you can't make it, trust me its their, deep inside. 
Just look at this pic, who would have thought we would be here!

Wearing his favorite Pj's from Uncle Weston + Aunt Ashley

Cheers to almost one year with our Didi babe, blue eyed little WILD ONE!

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