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Christmas this year

2018 Thompsons Tree Farm

"Over the river and through the woods to grandmothers house we go” ...not this year. This year we will be staying home cozied up under the tree sipping eggnog. Just the four of us. 

When we planned our trip last year it was like planning a field campaign.


The Santa Visit

 The Santa visit. I have to say it's not what it used to be, circa 86'. (see photo at bottom) He has come a long way. We have come a long way too. Santa then was at the mall, he looked the way he did and that was that. We didn't have options. Today; well the options are unlimited. You do have to plan your Santa visit months in advance to avoid a last resort: mall Santa. Yes I said it, you can judge me if you want.


Behind the Lens

 Wouldn’t it be nice if everyday was actually this picture perfect? The warm sun on our backs, the sweet sound of toddler giggles. Well it’s not.
Motherhood is exhausting, gross (at times) stressful, it's being in the trenches. Parenting, Marriage; LIFE, its messy. We get into stupid fights, we put too much on our plates, some mornings before I pull out of the driveway I'm wearing something sticky. Sometimes I drink too much tequila


Ikea Trip Tips

This is an end to our day at Ikea in Atlantic Station. Ice cream makes all babes happy! It didn't look like this as I was gathering my husbands Fathers Day gift 20 minutes prior. 
Let me take you back inside the warehouse Aisle 27 Bin 00. If you have shopped at Ikea you know the drill, find out where your goods are located, grab a flat bed cart and pray you'll be able to lift it on, while wrangling 2 tiny humans. So yes this post was all about tips....and what not to do...


Farm to Fridge

Do you know where your eggs come from? Until recently we didn’t either. We knew they were "cage free" but thats it. Now we only eat pasture raised eggs from Handsome Brook Farms. (video at the end of post) Side note: I have no affiliation with handsome brook farms, this is just a post on my beliefs and opinions. Thanks to Netflix and the evolving world we live in I’ve educated myself. What we are actually buying and eating from the grocery store? No I’m not a “crunchy” mom, nor a “vegan, vegetarian, gluten free” or any label mom. I’m trying to be smart, for my family. Everything in moderation? It’s not that simple.